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Murchison Fall National Park is one of Uganda’s three popular wildlife safari destinations. Located in the northeast of the country, the park is often overlooked in favour of more accessible parks such as Queen Elizabeth and sometimes Lake Mburo National park in the Southwest.

If you are looking for amazing safari experience, the isolated location of Murchison Falls should not put you off. It is a game park of wildlife and rugged beauty that deserves your attention.

What Animals are there to encounter?

guide to murchison falls

Just like Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park is also home to four of the famous African Big Five – with cape buffalo and elephants being common sightings and big cats such as lions and leopards also sighted on a Uganda Safari to this beautiful game park.

Though rhinos, zebras, and cheetahs are not present, the park also boasts an abundance of other wildlife like hippos and giraffes, as well as crocodiles, hyenas, and Ugandan kob. And for the record, this is the best park in Uganda for spotting giraffes.

A Murchison Falls game drive involves taking a ferry ride over the bloated Nile to get you to the other side of the park, which is also an experience in and of itself.

Climbing to the top of world’s strongest waterfall, the Murchison Falls

What draws most visitors to this park are the waterfalls for which the park is named. Known to be the most powerful waterfall in the world, Murchison Falls sees the mighty Nile reduced to a raging torrent as it penetrates through a small gap to continue its long journey north.

The raw power of the waterfall is hard to fully describe. You’ll barely listen to some close to you as you approach and the mists thrown up by the churning waterfall mean the entire climb is one covered in cool spray.

Whether you decide to hike to the top to see it up close or opt for view of seething waves of foam from a boat below, you will truly bear witness the awe-inspiring display of nature’s power.

Boat Ride along the Nile

boat cruise in murchison falls

Another thrilling activity in Murchison Falls National Park is going on a scenic boat ride safari out onto the Nile proper.

More like the boat safari in Kazinga Channel, here you get an opportunity to see crocodiles and hippos, as well as animals going down the Victoria Nile for a drink. Here you will also encounter a variety of birds.

The highlight of the boat ride is no doubt the chance to stop near the base of Murchison Falls for a great view of the mighty waterfall, just remarkable!