tree climbing lions of ishasha


Make a memorable trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park and  get to see the uncommon Tree Climbing Lions of the Ishasha section of the park as they perch on tree branches. The open partly woody grasslands with a big populace of animals is a remarkably beautiful Southern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is not easily accessible like the Northern Section and for that reason gets substantially fewer visiting tourists. The game park’s sub-headquarters are located in Ishasha which is over 120Km south of Mweya.

This section famously known for its tree climbing lions also boasts of large numbers of Elephant herds spread all over the sector. And as you drive through the section, you’re chanced to see these most sought for tree climbing lions of Ishasha perch on Savannah fig trees most times as they keep a close watch on herds of the Uganda Kobs and African Buffaloes. They are tricky to spot and some of the visiting tourists have declared them to be mythical! Though they make a wildlife experience worthwhile because it is not common coming across lions climbing trees. And It is also believed that these Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha go ahead to climb trees to avoid Tsetse fly bites.

This area also standards out as a top Uganda birding safari destination, boasting of excellent bird life with the rare sighting of the elusive shoebill stork. And other than the tree climbing lions, the southern section also boasts of vast numbers of hippos making it a spectacular wildlife destination on a Uganda Safari tour.

This park enables visiting tourists discover why they chose Africa and why they will keep coming back to Queen Elizabeth National Park for the best and memorable holiday destination.