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Lake Bunyonyi situated in the hills of south-western Uganda is believed to be one of the deepest lakes in Africa, and arguably even the most beautiful lakes in Africa as well, dotted with over 29 islands and surrounded by remarkably terraced hills. With its scenic surroundings, cool weather and various small islands, Lake Bunyonyi has been well marked as an amazing spot to chill and relax, and most importantly does offer visitors a number of choices when it comes to activities to take part in:

guide to uganda

Chilling out and relaxing. Here you will find a perfect place to relax and chill after a Gorilla safari trek at the in close proximity Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. This remarkable place boasts of the cool weather and tasty culinary delights like crayfish, just the perfect spot to make a stop   before you head back home.

Embark on a boat ride to ‘Punishment Island’ (Akampene). The Lake boasts of over 29 islands, but of these ‘Punishment Island’ in particular do stand out the most. And this because of its 1940s history, where girls who would get pregnant before marriage would be canoed to this very small island and would either starve to death or die trying to swim ashore as a taboo in the local culture back then. But the question remains, did these girls really die there? Or did they survive? This you can find out yourself as you canoe to see this legendary island.

guide to uganda

Bird watching Experience. Bunyonyi is a local name literally meaning ‘a place of little birds’. Just like the name suggests, the lake is home to over 200 species of birds. And for those who love bird watching, this is the perfect place for a birding excursion. You are assured of amazing sightings of birds such as the famous grey-crowned cranes, red-chested sunbirds and quite many flycatchers.

Ride in a dugout canoe. This is a spectacular way to get more information about the lake, the local people and their traditions. Here you can decide to embark on a guided tour, or simply rent out your own.

Swimming in Africa’s deepest lake. With the depth of (44m – 90m) it may seem like risky a attempt, but for good swimmers this is a chance to take a memorable swim in this beautiful lake. And you are assured of no presence of crocodiles or hippos hiding in the shore waters and it is bilharzia-free.

Wake up to incredible sunrises and enjoy spectacular sunsets. There are some unique photographic opportunities at sunset when the rays reflect in the calm evening waters of the lake. What a special way to end yet another remarkable activity-filled day on Lake Bunyonyi!