1 Day Rafting Excursion in Uganda

The 1 Day Rafting in Uganda is an adventurous excursion that will make a perfect break for you in Jinja. The 1 Day Rafting excursion commences on Kampala and ends in Kampala. The waters of the Nile have traversed the intense jungle of the tropical Africa raising from the Great lakes area stretching up to the Mediterranean Sea through the Sahara desert. The Day excursion involves waking up early form Kampala to embark on the transfer to Jinja for the day’s adventure. In the evening, you will see yourself head to Kampala to commemorate the end of the day.
The Nile River emerges from Lake Victoria – the largest tropical lake in the world and the second largest fresh water body in the world not forgetting it being the largest lake on the whole continent of Africa. The Nile River right away from the ancient Roman times marked the point of interest to the European world and in turn prompted them to embark on the travel to Africa – the long feared Dark Continent to discover its source. A range of explorers including John Hannington Speke, James Grant, Richard Burton, Dr. David Livingstone and Henry Morton Stanley all made their way to Africa in search of the mystery Nile River source. The River which stands as the longest River in the whole world is a nature wonder of its own. Its Journey to the Mediterranean Sea beginning from Jinja at the submerged Rippon Falls is by no means a straight line nor does it present its self as a smooth flow. The ancient impermeable rocks have stood in its ways for counts of years and as a result a range of features including the water falls and rapids were formed presenting a unique river experience.
The water rapids in Jinja present one of the most exciting rafting experiences in the world. The encounter can run for half day after which you can go for a Nile High Bunge. It can also be done the whole day exploring the Nile Rapids in detail.
Explore the Rapids with cascades turning you up side down from the rafts and then you get back in the company of world expert rafter instructors amidst the cheerful local crowds that flock the River bank to see you hassle with the waters. The 1 Day Rafting excursion to Jinja gives you a full day break from the noisy urban environment of Kampala or after a busy workshop or an International Conference in Uganda.