1 Day Kampala City Tour


1 Day Kampala City Tour is one of the memorable day break tours that you can undertake with ease in the city of Kampala. The Kampala City which is the main capital of Uganda derives its name from the Impala antelope that used to inhabit the rolling hills and the valleys of the area where the city is apparently established. The city has great heritage and it the center of political, commercial, education, religious and all other important aspects of Uganda. Thus, undertaking 1 Day Kampala City tour is one of the rewarding encounters that you can ever invest your free day in.

Detailed Kampala City tour Itinerary

The Kampala City tour starts in the morning where you are picked from your respective place of stay in Kampala after breakfast to embark on the tour. The driver guide gives you a courteous introduction of the general excursion and what to expect thought out the day. Emerging from the first shop set up by Aldina Visram, Kampala has grown into one of the biggest cities on the African continent covering seven hills and its expansion is beyond limit.
The City has undergone series of political effects and the political turmoil that characterized Uganda after independence curtailed its growth. However with the inception of NRM Government in 1986 with President Yoweri Museveni as the head, Kampala has grown expeditiously to its current state and the trend is still promising.
Kampala has a range of tourist sites that range from religious like Gadhafi National Mosque to Namirembe and Rubaga Cathedrals, Uganda Martyrs Shrine Namugongo, Baha’i Temple and the Hindu Temple. Cultural sites including Kasubi tombs, Kabaka’s palace and Kabaka’s lake, Uganda National Museum, National Monuments, Educational Institutions like Makerere University and the Markets like Owino.
After the briefing from the guide, embark on the drive to Namugongo to encounter the Uganda Martyrs Shrine where the converted Ugandans were executed because of religion on the orders of Kabaka Mwanga of Buganda to pay tribute to these Saints, listen to the whole story of their execution from the knowledgeable site guide. From there, you will drive to the Baha’i Temple in Kikaya with magnificent architectural stand and lush gardens. The Baha’i Temple in Kampala is the only temple of the Baha’i faith in Africa. The great stories behind its construction and the Baha’i religions doctrine will leave you impressed. From there you visit the Uganda National Museum where the national heritage is met most of which dates back in the pre-colonial era and the ancient times. From the museum, you drive to Makerere University to encounter the most prestigious University in the south of Sahara, north of Limpompo, West of Indian Ocean and the East of Equatorial Jungle. The Institution towers up in the crowds and has got great counts of students from different countries in the region and beyond. From Makerere University, you proceed to the Kasubi tombs, the ancient burial grounds for the Kings of Buganda where four Kings lay in rest. The traditional architectural dome shaped hut is impressive too to look at. It was declared a world Heritage Site by UNESCO. From Kasubi, you proceed to Mengo via Namirembe Cathedral to encounter the Center of the Anglican religion in Uganda. From Namirembe, you proceed to Bulange Mengo to encounter the Parliament of Buganda Kingdom which has got an impressive architectural building rewarding to look at. The existence of a well constituted Parliament shows the existence of democracy in traditional African societies.
You will drive along the Royal Mile or you can opt to take a walk to Lubiri – the Buganda Kingdom Palace. The enclosure also has horrific Amin’s Torture Chambers where lots of people thought to be anti-government lost their lives amidst great torture.
From Lubiri, you can drive by Rubaga Cathedral to view impressive architecture and great religious history behind it. Drive by Gadhafi National Mosque, view impressive structure with its towering minaret before continuing down town Kampala, if time allows, take a walk in the Owino Market to experience the thrill of the local touch.
Retire in the evening to mark the end of the day’s excursion.